As a thank you for your service, we offer discounts to all military and law enforcement personnel


  • Complete Handgun Starting at – $220
  • Slide only – $75
  • Frame only – $85
AR & AK Style Rifles/Pistols
  • Complete AR or AK style rifle/pistol Starting at – $295
  • AR stripped upper or lower – $80
  • AR Handguard/Forend – $6 per inch in length
Shotguns & Bolt Action Rifles
  • Complete rifle or shotgun (All metal components) Starting at – $200
  • Rifle or shotgun stock Starting at – $85
  • Scope Starting at – $100
  • Red Dot Optic Starting at – $85
  • Bipod Starting at  – $80
Camo & Custom Patterns
  • Complete Handgun Camo Starting at – $300
  • Complete Rifle Camo Starting at – $500

**Please email us for all other camo pricing. Be sure to include the following information for an accurate quote:

  • Make and model firearm
  • Parts to be coated in camo (e.g., Barrel, receiver, stock, etc.)
  • Type of camo or Pattern (e.g., Digital, Army, Woodland, Skulls, etc.)
  • Colors desired (If the exact colors are unknown please let us know how many colors you want in the camo)
Lubricated Coatings
Our thin film self lubricating coatings have the lubricity of Teflon with 6x the strength. Great for interior & exterior of most parts. Reduces friction and supports moving parts.
Change the bullet points in this section to the following:

  • Elite lubricated coating on rifle-bolt or BCG – $80
  • Contact us for pricing and benefits of this coating on any moving parts
Disassembly/Assembly **
  • Handguns Starting at – $60
  • Revolver Most Models– $95
  • AR Style Rifle Most Models – $95
  • Shotguns Starting at – $65

**All firearms and parts will need to be completely disassembled prior to coating. This includes removal of all pins, screws, springs, internals, and sights. If you prefer to handle the disassembly and reassembly then please provide us with a full inventory list of parts when you drop off your items.

Other Services
Sight Removal/installation – $40 (Most Handguns)


Alphanumeric Text
  • $40 Serial number only
  • $40 Safe/Fire marks or bullet pictogram marks on left side of receiver (add $10 for ambi safe/Fire marks)
  • $80 starting price for custom logos deep engraved

For logos and custom engraving designs please contact our shop and provide us with a picture of your design so we can get you an accurate quote.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of your finished product. If your coating EVER starts to crack, chip, or peel off then we will redo your parts at no charge!