“Firearms are what our business was founded on. We have assembled a team of experts in each firearm service we offer. Go ahead and take a gander at our 3 service categories below.”

Cerakote™ Applications

We demand only the best when it comes to Cerakote Applicators. Our team of applicators are required to hold to the highest standards in the industry. Our company refuses to compromise or cut corners. This company was built on the quality we produce, and that won’t change.

Our head firearms applicator was formerly a coater and instructor for Cerakote Corporate Headquarters. With an education in coating, years of experience with Cerakote, and multiple awards, our Certified firearms applicator is second to none.


Our team of gunsmiths are specialists in firearm customization, modification, repair, and fabrication. Whether you want to accurize or customize your firearm, OC Custom’s Gunsmiths offer exceptional work at fair prices and turnaround times.

If you are a long time firearms enthusiast like myself, then you have gone through your share of gunsmiths who didn’t live up to their claims. Either their quality was lacking or they promised you a month turnaround and a year later you’re fighting to get your gun back from them. I’ve been there and I feel your pain. It has taken me many years to assemble our all-star cast of Gunsmiths and each one was tried and proven on my personal firearms before being considered.

The reason we assembled a team of them was to utilize each smith for their specific strengths. Most Gunsmiths try to be a jack-of-all-trades and tackle every client’s request but the reality is that most gunsmiths have one or two strengths they do exceptionally well. These are the strengths we look for and use. No matter what service you want done, we will assign our specialist in that field to it. All our gunsmiths are licensed and certified and have years of real experience under their belt.

Visit our price list page for pricing on some of our basic services. Many gunsmithing jobs are custom and will require a quote. Please contact us for a quote and turnaround time for your specific customizations.

Watch our teaser gunsmith video below to see a glimpse of our work in action.


When you combine a computer genius with a talented artist and then give him an extremely powerful laser you end up with OC Custom Engraving.

Our engraving is unique and second to none. We are known for our 3D style of engraving. This is a technique where we take a logo and engrave specific parts of the logo at differing depths in order to produce a 3D effect. At the end of the process we are able to engrave certain colors into metals in order to bring your logo to life. The vast majority of photos in our engraving gallery (including the photo above) do not have any color fill added to them. The colors you see within the engraving are typically produced through our techniques with the laser.

Here are some of the common questions we receive regarding engraving:

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of your finished product. If your coating EVER starts to crack, chip, or peel off then we will redo your parts at no charge!