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Our Coatings

What is cerakote

Cerakote is a ceramic based coating that was developed by a team of chemists back in 1984. In the present day this team of really smart individuals continues to perfect this formula and create new colors. Cerakote leads the market in their industry and they are determined to keep it that way. This coating can be applied to any hard surface (e.g., any type of metal, plastic, polymer, carbon fiber , etc). Standard industrial paints, powder coating, DuraCoat, and even IonBond don’t stand up to the results of Cerakote during testing.

So what are the benefits of this coating on my parts?

Cerakote is so much more than just a pretty face. Some of the main benefits include:
  • Strength & Durability (compared to other coatings on the market Cerakote is among the strongest)
  • Rust resistance (extremely rust resistant compared to other finishes)
  • Extremely thin (at .001 inches thick, this coating is lightweight and can be applied to the most precision fit areas)
  • Chemical resistant (no matter what degreaser, cleaner, or solvent you use this coating won’t be affected)
  • Low Friction (this means a smoother moving surface with less resistance and less heat created)
  • Heat Dissipation (The ceramic properties cause heat to go away faster)
  • Withstand High Temps (Cerakote can handle 500° -2,000° F depending on color)
  • Color options (a vast array of color options are available including our custom line of colors only available at OC Custom Coating)
  • Makes you Wiser (if wisdom is knowledge properly applied, and if you’ve taken the knowledge gained here and chosen this superior coating, then logic dictates that you’re wiser!)

How do you apply this phenomenal coating?

See the Cerakote™ application process from start to finish:

Cerakote™ Application Process:

Abrasion Test:

See what happens when Cerakote™ is tested head to head with six other competitive finishes in the Taber Abrasion Test (ASTM D4060):

corrision Test:

See what happens when Cerakote™ is tested with seven competitive finishes in the Salt Chamber Corrosion Test (ASTM B117):

Cerakote™ Wear Cycles

Testing Performed by an independent military approved testing facility proved that Cerakote™ is 7.5 times more wear resistant than other firearm coatings.

Cerakote™ Corrosion Testing

Corrosive salt spray testing showed that Cerakote™ can protect steel 50 times better than competitive firearm coatings. Cerakote™ salt spray testing is performed using a steel substrate to simulate real world application instead of using aluminum or Parkerizing. Salt spray is at twice the saline content of the ocean and is conducted at 95 degrees fahrenheit.

Cerakote™ Flexibility & Durability

Flexibility: Cerakote™ can undergo a 32% elongation without distortion or coating loss.

Durability: Cerakote™ products can withstand 160 lbs/in2 impact with no coating loss.

Really? You are still looking for more reasons?
You saw the facts above; you saw our guarantee so I assume you’re trying to figure out how to contact us, let me make it easy for you . . .

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of your finished product. If your coating EVER starts to crack, chip, or peel off then we will redo your parts at no charge!